The Deep Seeded Subconscious Hatred for God

So the title of this entry is a conclusion about the state of mind of any run of the mill conservative, rich or poor.

Why? Well let’s explore what exactly Conservatives believe.

1 – they want less government in their lives.
2 – they want more regulation over reproductive rights by the government.
3 – they want more regulation over immigration rights by the government.
4 – they want less taxes for the super rich so it trickles down to them.
5 – they want less money going to education so people are retarded like me.
6 – they want more wars with people they don’t agree with, for the simple fact they don’t agree with them.
7 – they want cheaper prices for goods.
8 – they want the nation to have more money for wars, law enforcement.
9 – they want fewer gun laws for people that should not have guns in fear that the gummint will take their guns away from them.

Ok, so now we have a glimpse at some of the views conservatives hold. To be honest, there is no exact reason why poor conservatives hold the same views as the rich conservatives. It could have to do with the false consensus bias; you know, where people believe something as a majority opinion or belief. And as we all should know, people don’t like being the odd man out in society, as is reinforced with roles.

So ya, I like the idea of less government too, if it is the difference between the NSA monitoring all USA citizen phone calls, or overthrowing an idiot president. But that remains to be a case right? Wrong. Conservative George W Bush enacted into law the Patriot Act. Which was more government in the lives of Americans, yet his favorability did not falter among conservatives. This is probably because the wealthier you are, the more you fear losing everything, so applying a thumb on the lesser folk is favorable.

Let’s explore that some more. Lesser folk. People in situations unable to adequately adapt and overcome their issues in life. The kind of people that would want abortions, or come to another country to escape injustice or genocide. But ya, those people aren’t like conservatives. Right?

In some ways yes, and others no. Most people don’t want the government to do everything for them, even in Russia they are letting go of complete communism for democratic socialism. So what causes such a contradiction of views? Hatred for God.

Now I have yet to meet a Muslim who is conservative, but I can’t deny they exist, but I’m going to ignore them because I know nothing about the Quran. But I do know about the Holly Bible.

First off, who names a book “Book” in latin? Like calling your masterpiece manuscript “Written” or something stupid. Or maybe I’m just retarded for thinking that.

Now Christian Conservatives hate the idea of Women using free will to choose to abort a child they don’t want. And to be honest, there is no reason in the Bible for this. It has more to do with Protestant extensionality, by interpreting the Bible in their own unique way. Which as we all know, interpreting a Holly Book on your own can lead to violent crimes against Humanity, just look at the Crusades or even modern day Jihadists.

So by forgoing the fact that all humanity has free will, we can assume that Conservatives that are opposed to a woman using free will to abort a baby is somehow deeply angry with God for not homogenizing the human race. I mean, if you consider that in Christianity free will is a law of the universe, then it makes no sense why someone claiming to love their god for the creation it made, would want to force their own free will and views upon another human being. It is simply sadistic, psychotic, and demented to think that a Conservative wants less government in their lives but more government regulation over reproductive rights or even over the free will of any human being.

Now you can argue that they are just protecting themselves, but think about it. How many rich conservatives send jobs overseas to not pay American wages? It is not that they don’t want people in their country for fear of injury to health, but it is because they can suppress peoples in other nations with lower wages and longer working hours.


So I won’t say this lightly, but if you agree with anything listed above, aside from Less government in your life (which is really an anarchist view), fuck you.

Gun toting anti gay anti immigration and anti abortion people want nothing more than the destruction of anyone lesser than they are. And this can be seen through the views of people like George W Bush.


Now don’t do anything different after reading this blog entry, just go shop at walmart and know that a chinese made way less than you did flipping burgers to make a television screen so you can watch porn made in the USA where the woman getting banged by some dude has her right to abort the bastard child produced from such filth threatened by people like Conservatives. And know that the book you have to read in English class may become something as simple as see spot run, even if you’re in the fifth grade, because Conservatives want usurp education altogether in becoming the lands of Idiocracy.

“The world is becoming conscious to the fact that the Earth is one organism living, and if an organism fights itself, it is doomed, but conservatives do not believe this, they simply do not care.”


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