I want a Refund! Dear Affleck

If you like the animated gif above, then you have seen the new Dawn of Justice, which did no Justice to Dawn, Kal El, or Diana Prince.

First off, the fact it was at a theater I was anticipating something novel. And this excitement was amplified by the clever commercials they put out, which as it turns out, was horribly edited to do just that, give you hope for the result of Hitler raping a Nazi Jew (not the movie, just the man whom is a bastard, Ben Affleck).

You may be asking, what was wrong with the film? And to answer that, don’t read any further if you have not seen the film and think Ben is a good actor, because this blog contains many spoilers.

Let’s start with the basics, Ben Affleck as a human is a terrible person whom is the result of Adolf Hitler butt fucking a Nazi Jew; the Nazi Jew gets pregnant and shits out a turd that he nurishes to life, and names the turd, Ben Affleck. That is literally who Affleck is as a human and actor. Every scene of character growth shown in the film, was a blatant attempt for the shitty actor to act. There was not one believable moment for the shit turd Nazi offspring. In fact, the only moment where he does show any growth, is a complete let down. Just fucking brand the Luther turned Joker. No one is there to stop him. And the stupid cut scenes to try and bring the Affleck closer to Superman is just redundant to the overall story and plot.

If they wanted to show Affleck being as cool as Superman, give him a fucking super power. I’ve said it for years, I hate batman, so this may be a biased as fuck post, but who the fuck cares? Not Ben Affleck. They did alter the powers and function of Affleck from the original Adam West, in that he suddenly uses Guns, kills bad guys, and brands people. What the flying shit fuck of a Nazi does Affleck think he is? He actually made the orginal  Aquaman look like a Heterosexual Badass from the Porn Industry with some promising abilities as a hero. If that’s not enough, then why is it the director insisted on listening to this jackass spew lines about anything?

I’m not saying that Affleck is a Nazi shit turd spawn of rape, but I might as well. The only thing that saves the movie, is a kickass enhanced Wonder Woman babe who has more intellect as a human than a Nazi shit turd spawn of rape ever could. I’m not buying the whole, CEO loves his employees enough to avenge their death but not offer pay increases to his plethora of hard working middle class citizens. It doesn’t seem plausible. I mean, I could see Trump doing it, but he’s also a Nazi shit turd spawn of rape. So maybe a Trump super hero was the envisioned goal of having Affleck involved in anything we call Super Human.

They totally try selling Afflecks’ sex appeal, which has been prominent outside of film with affairs and polygamist acts that left women brokenhearted. All with a stupid ass ‘Affleck has to work out now’ scene. I mean, no fucking shit, Affleck has no super powers, naturally he has to do something to be strong as fuck. So don’t do a lame as female appeal midway for more cash, it did nothing for the fucking story!

I’m not even going to research the Director, but if you find his mailing address, send him a link to this review of Ben Affleck. And maybe, just maybe, he will save the franchise and find a worthy human to a role of some jackass Trump figure.


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