Power driven societies.

As if the Sea wasn't already dangerous

So we’re not talking about electricity, horsepower, or even mouse power. We’re talking about Social Power. The ability to make others do what you want, and the ability to drive the self to make high stakes for Social Status.

Now, the line between Social Status and Social Power are often blurred, and more often than not, Social Power does not have the same dogmatic principles guiding what causes one to gain more Social Power when compared to Social Status.

To gain more Social Status, we think of helping people, in a way that is benefacial to all. But Social Power seems driven by blind desire to gain status, without caring who is hurt.

The kinds of people that pursue power are often charming when they are successful, or, in the case of those with blatant lack of knowledge and fledgling inability to conceive of true Social Justice, they are not charming, and are rather vague in promises and goals, and only make bold statements others agree with for the time being.

And from what I can gather, it all has to with False Attribute Error. Where the people attribute something said as true, without a complete view of the bigger picture.

Take for instance, immigration. Anyone not a Native or Indigenous person, is an immigrant descendant, or immigrant themselves. And to be honest, if you’re not Indigenous to the place you reside, you have alien DNA when looking at traits of the locals that are Indigenous. So the basic idea of discrimination due to status of citizenship, is an unfounded principle to the genetic selection process, and encourages limited population selection for future generations.

The idea that culture is bad, is not new. Many nations have built walls and dispised numerous peoples for their culture, usually due to being at a status of war. So why today? We’ve had no major battles with the nations we have hatred for in the media, and among politicians, in over a hundred years. We don’t, for instance, hate every German just because we fought them. No, we hate Nazis.

So in all, the Power placed in individuals for saying what is popular at the time, at the cost of the protection, safety, and well being of others, is nothing new, and is  very old. Down with the Romans, their ways and systems. It’s time for a new social order, and it starts with you.


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