The case for a more radical Christian Society

So what is the underlying message of Christianity?

Well there are five principles of Christianity, but only one that really stands out as necessary, due to translation, disambiguation, and of coarse, the Council of Versailles.

Most important to the underlying message of Christianity, is the Word of God. Which is given to people for any number of reasons, in the old testament.

The most important word of god that seems to resound throughout the Bible, is in Deuteronomy, where it says; “… obey me the Lord, your God, and fear me…” Now that sets the stage for anything believed to be the Word of God, to be obeyed to the law, and to fear that God is not kind. The example for why one should fear god is found in the book of Job, where Job is punished by God for not obeying God’s commandments. And later when Jesus claims to be the only way to God.

Now, Deuteronomy later states that “anyone to oppose the Judge, is to be put to death.” 17:12. So the idea that God’s words are law, is undermined by anyone that is a Judge, and therefore, the creation of a Christian state is not done by creating laws to cater to the old testament, for that would lead to certain death to many people, but to simply not oppose the laws of the land.

This idea could radically change how the GOP handle politics, and possibly make for a greater America in general. Now 17:12 also states that one should not oppose a priest, and well, a Pope, the highest priest in the world, said it was alright to have gay marriage, and the good book says no one should oppose his ruling, as he is administering to the word of God.

Now really gay marriage doesn’t affect me, and if you’re not LGBT it should not affect you either, but what I am bothered by, is the inability for people with power, and press coverage, to be logically sound in their faith.

Now, if you are a christian that opposes basic fundamental civil liberties of an individual for any reason because a religious texts says it, think to yourself. What would Jesus do? would he tell Pilate to expedite his believers that aren’t Roman citizens? Or tell him to oppose alternative lifestyles? Something Pilate himself experienced as was tradition of Nobility in Rome. No. He would say, just love. Because the Book of Love, the book everyone talks about after hearing about the Book of Life, not the Kamasutra, but the one Jesus wrote, all it says, is To Love Thy Neighbor as if they were your own family.


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