So we’re going to spend some time learning about radicalism in general, in societies, and in genetics.

Radical means relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. and is usually applied to politics. but the definition we are going to use, applies to anything fundamental. the basis for existence of something in general.

Let’s start with looking at what social structures are radical, based on our definitions. First off, life. The very drive to stay alive is the fundamental block that forms our social order, and means of communication. so just being alive makes a person a radical, if they desire to continue to live. the most extreme form of this, would be immortality. This also applies to existence and reason. We can reason that a water molecule exists, because there is a lot of water. And therefore the fundamental block is the molecule, and the radical is the entirety of water itself, if it were not pure, it would not be radical, and would probably have free-radicals, something we’re not going to define for all intent and purposes.

So what about belief? well it is a powerful intuitive process that induces (or sometimes, but less likely) deduces that something is true. So in Societies, since the beginning of time, we have believed we are in fact, alive, and experiencing a reality. We have often pondered about where we came from and why we are alive. This formed a fundamental to record history, keep family trees, and develop a belief in a higher power. The very nature of higher powers have changed since the beginning of time. If we look at Greek Mythology, Titans were immortal, and then mostly died off to their children, as their children wanted to live. Thus, Greek Gods were in fact, radical. And this point is made more prevalent in Clash of the Titans, where the Gods make war with humanity because of something as stupid as belief. So from very early on, belief shaped the behavior of supreme beings, and caused radical fundamental beliefs based on very core fundamentals. And if you’re not satisfied with that, consider the Romans, by the middle of Julius’ reign, the plebs were shouting Down with¬†Cupidity in satire against the wealthy nobles and slave owners. Where cupidity meant greed, the love of wealth. Because it was a fundamental belief that drove a Caesar to expand the empire, to make wealth for the people.

So as we can see, being a fundamentalist radical, is nothing novel or new. In fact, I would argue that anyone’s desires to believe in something, be it life, death, after life or whatever, is in fact a fundamentalist radical, and should not be trusted. There is no deductive knowledge to be learned hence forth, given that belief is in our mind, and that all things must be observed.

And without fundamentalist radicals, the world would be a god awful place, with no existence, and no proper order to things. Even if the universe were in existence, and we believed nothing at all, the very essence that got us to be alive today, our genetics, and the process of evolution, would be the fundamental for a radical existence.


2 thoughts on “Radical

  1. You kind of lost me at the end… and I am not sure I agree with your definition of radical. To me the “issue” with fundamentalist radicals comes down to the nature of the particular fundamentals to which they adhere, thus the operative word is ‘fundamentalist’ not ‘radical’.

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    1. The idea was not fundamentalists, the operative definition of fundamental, being the basis for something in general existing. I.E. air is a radical to carbon based life forms.

      That radical affects fundamental principles. A fundamentalist radical is like double speech in my opinion. As radical already relates to fundamentals.


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